High on the Hog The Potcast

A cannabis education podcast! Zagat editor and radio Host Merrill Shindler and Joanna Belson, Executive Producer, activist mom and cannabis enthusiast, chat about all things THC, CBD and everything in between. Listen in each week to her new topics and meet amazing people in the cannabis industry.



episode 37: Holy Hemp

Can you imagine a religious movement built around cannabis as a sacrament? Well, you don’t have to imagine it -- because it’s real. They’re called The Sisters of the Valley…and The Sisters of CBD @sistersofthevalley. And they produce a line of products that will heal you…and make you feel one with weed! They heal your body,…and your soul. And we’ll tell you all about it, on High on the Hog: The Podcast!         


 2019-09-09  36m