The Europeans

Fed up with all the Trumpy news from the USA or the Brexit-y news from Britain? Well you've come to the right place. Each week we trawl the continent of Europe for the most interesting stories to cover and the most fascinating people to interview. This semi-serious, semi-silly, Brexit-free show, from a reporter in Paris and an opera singer in Amsterdam, will make you seem clever to friends and make you feel like you've got two NEW friends in Katy and Dominic. You probably didn't realise you needed a European podcast in your life, but this will fill the gap that you didn't even know was there.


Back for your Görlitzening pleasure

WE'RE BACK, with a new look for a new season. This week we're catching up on the summer's Italian drama and tackling the delicate question of Nazi relatives. And we're heading to Görlitz, on the German-Polish border, to find out why why so many voters in eastern Germany are putting their faith in the far-right AfD. Our guest is Emily Schultheis, a Berlin-based journalist covering right-wing populism, who spent a month in Görlitz getting into voters' heads.

Read Emily's report for the Institute of Current World Affairs, where she is a fellow, here! Check out her latest piece for The Atlantic! And follow her on Twitter: @emilyrs.

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See you next week, it's good to be back.

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 2019-09-10  36m