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episode 40: Daruma - He Cut Off His What?!

His eyelids. He cut off his eyelids. But that is not all that the Daruma (Bodhidharma) is famous for. He's the man who brought Chan to China and Zen to Japan. Some say he taught the Shaolin monks how to fight while other tales talk about how he invented green tea, or well, his eyelids did.

Join me and a thousand singing night insects while I tell you about the great sage, Daruma.

Also, you know how if you wait until the end of the credits in some movies you're rewarded with a little something? I won't say what, but my Sound Guy was a bit cheeky this episode. I wonder how many of my listeners will get the reference. Let me know.

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Intro and outro music by Julyan Ray Matsuura


 2019-09-12  12m