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episode 108: Mark Winne, "Food Town USA: Seven Unlikely Cities that are Changing the Way We Eat" (Island Press, 2019)

Cities are extremely complex institutions to understand and are continually changing. A central place to make sense of the complexities of a city is the food that is grown and sold in these areas.  Mark Winne, author of Food Town USA: Seven Unlikely Cities that are Changing the Way We Eat (Island Press, 2019) and my guest for this episode, observed the way community and place is constructed in seven different cities across the United States. Winne shares there is a synergistic interaction between food and community. Food is embedded in community and history. In our interview, Winne discusses how this study was shaped from major past events in the communities where these interviews took place. There were some difficult situations Winne gained entrance to and it was only his connections that gained him access to some of this information and some of the areas.

Michael O. Johnston, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at William Penn University. He is earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy and Public Administration from Walden University and a Master of Public Administration from Iowa State University. He is currently working on a study focused on how humans are effected by embodiment of historical characters during festivals that celebrate community heritage.

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 2019-09-12  49m