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episode 98: Find What Motivates You: A Live Master Class with Ankur Nagpal

The Founder and CEO of Teachable, Ankur Nagpal, joins Daniel and students of the Profit Paradigm course to discuss the business model many investors missed out on, an online teaching platform. Ankur shares how Teachable’s success is ultimately based on the success of its course creators and what steps the organization takes to ensure the success of their customers.


This podcast includes tips for choosing a channel, scaling your business growth, and why you should charge more.


Key Points:


  • Ankur describes the early days of what is now Teachable Inc. [3:07]


  • Why total transparency works for Ankur and team at Teachable. [5:56]


  • The future roadmap of Teachable includes honing in on individual creators and empowering entrepreneurs. [12:58]


  • Skills to develop and channels to pay attention to. [24:33]


  • Why do people pay for products? [30:08]


  • Scaling a product, ensuring accountability and engagement, and building a self-serving income tool. [32:56]


  • The quickest thing you can do to increase your likelihood of success. [40:07]


  • The professional service model. [44:24]


  • Build it and they will come? Guidelines for scaling a business. [47:00]


  • Get less resistance and better results by charging more. [52:11]


  • What is the end game for Ankur? [58:58]




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 2019-09-16  1h3m