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How to Identify and Avoid Various Environmental Toxins

From Stark Naked Headquarters in Orange County California, the world’s first 360º gym brings you Episode 158 of Stark Naked Radio: How to Identify and Avoid Various Environmental Toxins. In this episode Dr. Alice, Tyler Mounce and Amir Mofidi sat down to discuss the the various environmental toxins that our bodies encounter on a daily basis. You will learn about the toxins found in plastics, personal care products, water, food and so forth. But Dr. Alice won't just leave you with that, she gives tips on ways to avoid these toxins and where you can find alternative toxic free products. If this episode doesn't make you switch to glass storage, organic food, and natural deodorant I don't know what will! If you want to learn more about Stark you can find us at: Website: Instagram:


 2019-09-16  54m