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The Naturist Living Show presents topics related to naturism and discusses issues of interest to naturists. (nudism and nudists to some) The podcast is produced by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.


episode 110: Nude Play

Tim Chizmar interviews the director and cast of “Disrobed: Why So Clothes-Minded?” performed at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Links to items mentioned in the show:

  • Rec.nude – the pre-web internet naturist social media
  • Southern California Naturist Association (SCNA)
  • Barely Proper play in the August 2011 episode of the Naturist Living Show
  • The Hollywood Fringe Festival
  • Reviews of “Disrobed” from the Hollywood Fringe Festival presentation
  • Encore Presentation selection of “Disrobed” at Hollywood Fringe
  • Nomination of “Disrobed” in the Immersive Theatre category
  • Information on how to get tickets to the second run of “Disrobed” which starts November 2, 2019

Photo: The June 2019 cast of “Disrobed: Why So Clothes-Minded?”

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 2019-09-19  1h16m