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S3 Episode 7: Where the Brexit Stakes are Highest Part 1

With the threat of a cliff edge Brexit posing extremely serious consequences for the island of Ireland and the border, we bring you the voices of people with the most at stake. Featuring a doctor in Derry who is worried about his patients getting their essential medicines, young people in Belfast facing changes to their rights, and people who rely on a peaceful open border in their daily lives. We hear from Irish News security correspondent Allison Morris on why the Brexit uncertainty and talk of a hardened border has emboldened dissident republicans, with an increasing pace of shootings and bombings over recent months. Tim sums up the chaos and shenanigans in Westminster so far, and the government’s predictions of riots and shortages in the case of a No Deal. Naomi describes the view from Belfast’s loyalist Shankill Road, where she went to interview former paramilitaries about their dissatisfaction with the peace, why they hate the so-called “Backstop”, and the real risks of a return to violence they see now.

This is the first in a two-part episode focused on the voices of those for whom the Brexit stakes are highest.


 2019-09-17  1h0m