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Welcome, adventurers, to the Realms & Nerds D&D adventure comedy podcast! Join RJ, Harrison, Ash, Bronson, Brandon, and Ray for kicking goblin rear and funny fantasy adventures every week!


episode 32: The Return of Ornon, Interlude 1.2: The Best-Laid Breakout Plans...

Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to the Realms & Nerds podcast! Join our four heroes- Joshamee Rockhammer, LaLillia, Dorrin Stormwind, and Dracarys Shockwind- as they find a way out of prison in The Return of Ornon, Interlude 1! Like this episode? Share with friends, and subscribe for more! Don't forget to use the hashtag #RealmsNerds when posting online about the show! Joshamee jimmies himself out of trouble. LaLillia leads the way. Dorrin drags Dracarys around. Dracarys takes a nap. The Return of Ornon is an original campaign created by Harrison Owens. Realms & Nerds music by RJ Moore Main theme composed by Kyle Rice


 2019-09-22  1h16m