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episode 99: Iteration and Systemization as Principles: A Live Master Class with Casey Zeman

EasyWebinar is an industry leader in streaming, marketing, and webinar technology. The Founder and CEO (and extremely likable guy) of EasyWebinar, Casey Zeman, joins Daniel and students of the Profit Paradigm course to discuss the many versions of his company. Casey has transformed his business to be a customer-friendly, recurring revenue money-making machine by perfecting how it delivers SaaS and its customer-centric branding.


This podcast includes tips for how to increase your KPI, growth strategies, and marketing channels.


Key Points:


  • Casey describes his entrepreneurial journey from broke actor to industry leader. [4:42]


  • Product and service development using SaaS. [19:12]


  • Casey explains how systematization increased customer retention and revenue for EasyWebinar.[33:40]


  • Customer-centric branding and marketing. [43:14]


  • EasyWebinar’s affiliates, growth strategies, primary revenue channels, and free trials. [49:12]


  • Harnessing energy to increase KPI. [57:18]


  • Casey’s top three book recommendations for CEOs and business owners [1:08:45]




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 2019-09-23  1h14m