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S3 Episode 8: Where the Brexit Stakes are Highest Part 2

The second installment in two episodes bringing you the voices of those with the most at stake as a disastrous No Deal Brexit threatens the island of Ireland. We speak to Orla Smyth, a businesswoman who has invested everything she had in building Belfast’s thriving Kaffe O coffee chain, only to see the prospect of tariffs, the plummeting pound and delays at the border threatening all she has worked for. A man whose house is a mile from the border tells us what it was like growing up in militarized South Armagh and how the prospect of a return to the past drove him into activism. And border integration expert Caitriona Mullan talks us through life in a cross-border household, the work that has gone into building networks across the dividing line, and how she sees people reverting to old coping mechanisms from the time of conflict to deal with the atmosphere of uncertainty.

Part one of two episodes bringing you the voices of those for whom the Brexit stakes are highest. You can listen to part one here.

Featuring editing by Alan Meaney .

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Featuring ‘Voyeur’ by Jingle Punks.


 2019-09-23  52m