Reden über Stricken. Und Spinnen.


Handmade – Episode 140: The fourteenth ever English episode

So, when I recorded I thought I was doing episode 150 when in fact it’s 140. I didn’t feel like doing it all again just for giving it the wrong number, sorry for the confusion.


I knitted: 

  • Purple Comodo: finished
  • Zehensocken: half done
  • Bundled in Brioche: in progress
  • Handspun Vanilla Rib: done
  • Crazy Tee: finished the body
  • Hearthstone: gauge swatch

I crocheted:

  • Summer Ripple Blanket: done

I spun:

  • Brown Corriedale on the Little Gem: done so far
  • North Ronaldsay: finished 100 grams of the white and started the brown
  • Targhee on my IST Turkish
  • Yellow/Orange merino/silk on the Little Gem

Project Wardrobe:

  • Black yoga pants: finished
  • Mending
  • Planning the Stasia-dress
  • Cut the fabric for a burgundy Plantain Tee


  1. Me Made May 2019
  2. When is the best time for a major project?
  3. Spontaneous Cast-On
  4. Tour de Fleece – Anticipation
  5. Tour de Fleece – Right in the middle
  6. Tour de Fleece – Conclusion
  7. Sewing project inventory
  8. Spinning weaving yarn
  9. Slightly crazy sewing workaround


 2019-09-27  1h33m