After Eight Show - New Music You Just Don't Hear Anywhere Else!

We play anything (RnB, blues, jazz, folk, rock, etc.) that we think is above good and that you just don't get to hear anywhere else. Latest playlists include Art School Girlfriend, Loma, Tuvaband ...


After Eight Show - 24/09/19

We're back! We were stacked full of #NewMusic in our playlist! An eclectic mix of original, intelligent, melodic, grown-up songs - #electronic, #rnb, #jazz, #blues and #acoustic. Amongst the selections, there was #NewMusic from Loma, black midi, Spangle Call Lilli Line, Hana + Goyo Degano, Milan Ring, Tamaraebi, Hjaltalín + Hermigervill, HAARM, CHROMATICS, Min Chae, Fenella, Marcioz + Slow Shudder, Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Nordic Giants + HEYMUN, Evil Edna, Vix20, pecas, Winston Cook, Brittany Howard and Acantha Lang. Our #RecordOfTheWeek was a new release by From Apes To Angels - a snythwave duo from Sheffield / Ashford. And we had a fabulous Luvva Cover this week - a cover of a David Bowie track by Peter Yates and Jo Beth Young. They create a wonderful atmosphere in their sensitive interpretation of his brilliant song! Do give it a listen! Music That You Just Don't Hear Anywhere Else! Playlist: Half Silences – Loma Speedway – black midi dreamer (Other Arranger Ver.) – Spangle Call Lilli Line Plan de Fuga – Hana, Goyo Degano Step Back – Milan Ring Innocence – Tamaraebi Love From 99 - Hjaltalín, Hermigervill Better Friend – Haarm Headlight’s Glare – Chromatics Another Me – Min Chae Where Are We Now? – David Bowie Where Are We Now? – Peter Yates, Jo Beth Young (Luvva Cover feature) Bright Curse – Fenella INTERSTELLAR! – Marcioz, Slow Shudder Engraved (Alternate Version) – Ambient Jazz Ensemble Strangest Tides – Nordic Giants, Heymun Big Nipper – Evil Edna Me Gwanshi – Vix 20 Motorway – From Apes To Angels (Record Of The Week) T-Shirt – Pecas Desert Song – Winston Cook He Loves Me – Brittany Howard Eventually – Acantha Lang


 2019-09-29  1h58m