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episode 738: The Twerklight Sonata

This Week's Stories

  • What we expect at Wednesday's big Microsoft Surface event
  • Gemmy the Twerking Alexa Bear demo
  • Echo Loop and Echo Frames will take Alexa with you
  • Facebook Horizon: is this the VR future we signed up for?
  • Tesla's Smart Summon feature makes us a little nervous
  • Do we really trust all these voice assistants?
  • Amazon is throwing Alexa spaghetti at the wall
  • Google wins major Right to Be Forgotten ruling
  • Amazon Sidewalk is Amazon's proprietary mesh network for pet tracking and more - will they sell it to the police? Will this and Amazon's Ring Neighbors app lead to a police state?
  • Amazon pushes voice agent interoperability - Cortana jumps at the chance, Siri and Google Assistant play coy
  • Checkm8 is an unstoppable jailbreak that works on any iPhone from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone X
  • Apple will release AppleTV+ movies in theaters as Oscar bait
  • Mac Pro to be made in Texas
  • Google will stop showing news snippets in France
  • QuestLove is moving from Pandora. Is Pandora dead? What is the state of the streaming music world?
  • Snapchat's 'Project Voldemort' tracks all the ways Facebook steals from them
  • Elizabeth Warren wants to reinstate the Office of Technology Assessment so congress will know what they are talking about on tech
  • Listen to TWiT's new show Smart Tech Today starting Monday, October 7th!

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Daniel Rubino, Mikah Sargent, and Caroline Haskins

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 2019-09-30  2h16m