Relatively Prime: Stories from the Mathematical Domain

Relatively Prime features stories and interviews from the mathematical world. Featuring math stories from people like Fields Medalists to indie rockers to linguists on topics ranging as wide as the artificial intelligence which defeated checkers and mathematics haiku battles. Relatively Prime has a mathematics story for anyone and everyone.


episode 37: Citation Aging

For this episode of Relatively Prime Samuel decided that instead of speaking to a guest they would instead talk about the research they are conducting now that they are a Mathematics & Statistics Librarian. This research looks into how the citations of mathematical publications age over time, and its discussion includes a first for Relatively Prime – Data Sonification! These sonifications were created using Jonathon Middleton’s website Musical Algorithms (you hear more about Jonathan and this site on the Relatively Prime Season 1 episode The Score)

Median Citation Age

Median Oldest Citation

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 2019-10-01  19m