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How To Survive The Toughest Environments, Endure The Most Challenging Conditions, And Ultimately Come Out On Top – Zachary Babcock (Ep. 243)

Zachary Babcock, podcast host, entrepreneur, creator of Underdog Empowerment, and former prisoner who spent five years incarcerated before dramatically turning his life around, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Zachary talks about spending five years in prison and overcoming a drug addiction and criminal past that put him in there. He covers mental toughness, resiliency, taking responsibility in your life, embracing your fears, and using your dark side to your advantage. Zachary also talks about redemption and turning his life around and the incredible success he’s had personally and professionally over the past couple years. If you’re wondering how to survive the worst environments imaginable and come out stronger than ever, check this episode out now!  

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In our episode we go over:

  • Robert Greene and the incredible wisdom on human psychology and behavior he possesses
  • Street smart vs. book smart and need to develop both as a man
  • How Zachary Babcock ended up in prison
  • The drug habit that became a serious addiction and led to Zachary overdosing and nearly dying
  • The mental and physical challenge of overcoming addiction and how Zachary beat it
  • Zachary’s mindset whilst in prison and how he got through 4 straight years of being inside
  • Why idle time is the devil’s workshop
  • How to get onboard with what really motivates and inspires you in life
  • How to accept your circumstances even when they seem dire
  • How Zachary passed the time in prison and was able to mentally get past all the stress
  • The comparison between prison and social media that Zachary makes
  • The rules for surviving the prison and jail environment
  • What it was like living in the hole, the prison inside of the prison
  • What changed for Zachary with regard to his mindset while in prison
  • The mental toughness that Zach developed while being incarcerated and the fact that he wasn’t mentally tough (in his own view) before going in
  • Building positive daily habits and taking control of your environment
  • Putting your back against the wall and testing your limits
  • Visualizing the worst that can happen so you can build the mental fortitude to get past them
  • Embracing the dark side that you have inside you
  • Appreciating the little things in life and being grateful for all that you have
  • The superpowers that people gain from going through challenges and tough life experiences
  • The keys to having a success-minded mentality in all you do
  • Why Zachary has been able to find such great success so fast in the online entrepreneurial world
  • Connecting with others and the power of building up your network and community
  • Why you always control every situation and circumstance you’re in and what this means for your life

Check out Zachary on:

Website:  underdogempowerment.com

Instagram: instagram.com/zacharyjbabcock

Podcast:  podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/underdog-empowerment


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 2019-10-01  49m