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MJS 126: Eduardo San Martin Morote

In this episode of My JavaScript Story is Charles talks to Eduardo San Martin Morote. Eduardo is a freelance developer, a core team member of Vue.js, and loves contributing to open source. Eduardo started web development with games. He then majored in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Eduardo works as a freelancer so he can work on Open Source projects in his free time. One of the problems he draws attention to is the sustainability of Open Source Projects. The developers that maintain the projects on Open Source are not funded, and even though many companies use Open Source code they don't have sponsor it even though they have the financial means to do so.

Charles Max Wood recommends another podcast hosts, Sustain Our Software that addresses this problem among others for Open Source.

Eduardo and Charles talk about characters that have accents that have to be encoded and how they deal with this problem. Eduardo then talks about some of the projects he is working on currently with Vue.js.

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Host: Charles Max Wood

Joined by Special Guest: Eduardo San Martin Morote

  • VoV 038: Webassembly and Typescript with Eduardo San Martin Morote

  • VoV 010: “Vue Libraries, Open Source, Meetups” with Eduardo San Martin Morote

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 2019-10-08  35m