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#369: The Podfather (@Redban)

Brian Redban took me into his new podcast studio to talk about the early days of the podcast scene in Los Angeles. When everything was guerrilla. When it was fresh and new and nobody knew what it was gonna turn into. It was such a crazy time and Redban was right there helping form the scene. From the Joe Rogan podcast, to mine, to Segura's, and lots more, he helped build the scene from the ground up. We talked about what it was like, what podcasts have turned into, and where it's going now. I'm telling you, this episode got me so hyped up to put out the coolest content I can. You're all gonna benefit over the next few years because of this conversation.    Tour Dates Nashville - October 17/18/19 - Zanies San Jose - November 7/8/9 - Improv Detroit - November 14 - The Magic Bag Chicago - November 16 - The Vic Cincinnati - November 17 - Funny Bone   The Music NOFX - The Marxist Bros. The Godfather Theme Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio Monty Python - Brian Song


 2019-10-08  3h51m