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You can get up with Josiah and Herbie on the GV's Hit 96.9 from 6-9am weekdays but downloading this Catch Up is probably better. Listen as they talk about life in the Goulburn Valley, delves into quirky stories from around the globe, reports on everything in sports and entertainment and ultimately just navigates through the train wreck of his life. Enjoy!


J&E CATCH UP – Scotty Cam, Elly’s Lifestyle Change & What Fell Off Your Car?

The goat training journey continues in today’s Catch Up with Elly revealing to Josiah what he’ll be wearing on the big day and also providing him with a few pump up goat quotes! 

Plus, Scotty Cam joins the guys for a chat about The Block and whether he reckons he's a dad to the contestants as well as giving his two cents on the NRL Grand Final!

Elly's worst nightmare has come true with a shipment of VB's spilling all over a major highway - what fell off your car?

And Elly also has an announcement about a purchase she's made that's gonna change her life! 

The guys speak to a life assistant about her fascinating line of work and they've decided THEY NEED ONE! 



 2019-10-09  33m