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You can get up with Josiah and Herbie on the GV's Hit 96.9 from 6-9am weekdays but downloading this Catch Up is probably better. Listen as they talk about life in the Goulburn Valley, delves into quirky stories from around the globe, reports on everything in sports and entertainment and ultimately just navigates through the train wreck of his life. Enjoy!


J&E CATCH UP – 12 Night Parties, Goat Training Updates & Have You Been Pooed On?

A 12 night long party sounds like a bit of a fun time and to be honest, that’s what it’ll feel like listening to today’s Catch Up!

Josiah and Elly have continued their journey to train up a goat in time for the Shepparton Show but yesterday’s training session didn’t go quite as they had planned!

Elly’s in shred mode at the moment and wants to know if any other women have set themselves a goal outfit to wear.

Another one of life’s mysteries gets solved and if you suffer from grey hairs, it’s one you need to hear!

Lexie Jeuniewic calls in with an update on the fire that struck Archer Street yesterday and Josiah puts Elly in the Bachelorette’s shoes with a game of .Would You Rather.’



 2019-10-10  34m