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You can get up with Josiah and Herbie on the GV's Hit 96.9 from 6-9am weekdays but downloading this Catch Up is probably better. Listen as they talk about life in the Goulburn Valley, delves into quirky stories from around the globe, reports on everything in sports and entertainment and ultimately just navigates through the train wreck of his life. Enjoy!


J&E Catch Up - Boss Benny Performs Live, Top 5 Live & Benny The Bum Tickler

Elly is away today so Josiah was joined by Boss Benny and the boys were out to play! 

Josiah stitched up Benny and made him perform live after he revealed something in the office. The big big big boss Rod joined them to judge Ben's performance.

Also Benny's regular segments Top 5 and Facts over coffee make a return. 

There's also an animal that gets more drunk than humans and an update on Benny the bum tickler!

Enjoy xo


 2019-10-11  30m