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Why Governments Haven't Learned The Lessons Of Japan

It's well known that Japan has (until recently) been mired in years of mediocre economic growth. And policymakers and economists use Japan as a warning for how developed economies can enter into prolonged slumps. But has anyone learned the lessons of Japan? In our latest episode, we talk to Richard Koo of the Nomura Research Institute, about his concept of the "Balance Sheet Recession" and why developed economies with lots of debt don't behave the way they do in textbooks. He explains how the lessons of Japan apply to Europe and the U.S. and what policymakers have failed to learn.


 2019-10-14  42m
Interview mit Richard Koo, der sich als einer der ersten Ökonomen mit der Japanifizierung der Volkswirtschaft beschäftigt hat. Warum helfen Niedrigzinsen nicht mehr? Was müssen Zentralbanken und Regierungen nun machen?
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