Exploring digital spheres

Come with us on a journey into the realms of the digital: In the podcast Exploring digital spheres you will get to know HIIG researchers from diverse disciplines. We ask them, how our digital society works and what the future might look like. Every other episode, the researchers will enter into a dialogue with other digital mavericks!



episode 20: Organised stupidity

Benedikt Fecher on the impact of science

Are universities the best option we have?

In this episode, Benedikt Fecher and Wouter talk about this question to discuss what research actually is and how we create knowledge in our society today. Science is not only about research and education, but more and more about trying to bridge the gap between scientific results and society. Also they speak about increasing science's actual impact on society and HIIG's recent project "twentyforty", an essay competition on the future of digital society in 2040.

In this episode:

  • Benedikt Fecher
  • his research programme at HIIG
  • the Elephant in the Lab Journal blog
  • the Research Impact Canvas
  • our project twentyforty


 2019-10-14  20m