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Audio for "EPA Office of Research and Development's Office of Science Policy Mine and Mineral Processing Virtual Workshop Session 2 - Emergency Management," Oct 9, 2019

EPA's Office of Research and Development's Office of Science Policy and Center for Environmental Solutions & Emergency Response is sponsoring a 4-part virtual workshop series to address characterization, remediation, and response challenges at Superfund and legacy mining and mineral processing sites. Each virtual workshop will include a short lecture by various subject matter experts in their respective fields but will also allow ample time for the presenters to interact with the audience, including time for questions and answers as well as brainstorming and identifying concerns from stakeholders participating in each virtual workshop. If you have a mining reclamation or remediation site, this is the virtual workshop for you! The second session will focus on emergency management and response actions at mine and mineral processing sites including: wildfire response and impacts to mine treatment infrastructure, response activities at Bonita Peak Mining District, uranium impacts on Navajo lands, and response elements at mineral processing sites (Mississippi Phosphates). The session will explore potential impacts in assessing risk to both human health and the environment. Speakers from various EPA Regions will discuss emergency management activities at both time-critical and non-time-critical response actions sites. To view this archive online or download the slides associated with this seminar, please visit


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