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MJS 127: Thorsten Lünborg

In this episode of My JavaScript Story, Charles talks to Thorsten Lünborg. Thorsten is a Business Service Manager at MVV Energy Solutions from Frankfurt Germany. Charles asks about Thorsten's developer journey in particular how he was introduced to JavaScript.

Thorsten is also a core team member for Vue.js and he talks about his involvement with the Vue community. Thorsten mainly focuses on working on Vue CLI and answering questions in forums. He describes the Vue community as a very friendly and helpful one. According to Thorsten, Vue is very stable and seems to satisfy a lot of the needs of Vue community and so people are not looking for the "next best thing" with Vue. Out of all the frameworks i tried to learn, i found Vue was the one that i liked the most and i started answering questions about Vue on the forums.

Host: Charles Max Wood

Joined by Special Guest: Thorsten Lünborg

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Thorsten Lünborg

  • Preacher TV Series

  • Borderlands 3

  • Vue.js London 2019


Charles Max Wood

  • Running a Marathon

  • Honeywell wifi thermometer


 2019-10-15  36m