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episode 255: Brand new allosauroid and a tyrannosaur that's still being excavated

Dinosaur of the day Nyasasaurus, a 240 million year old dinosauriform that may be the earliest known dinosaur.

Interview with Christopher DiPiazza, a science teacher, paleo artist, and creator of the popular site, Prehistoric Beast of the Week. He covers a different prehistoric animal (nearly) every week, with an original painting he creates, a photograph of the fossil, and whenever possible, input from a paleontologist who worked on that animal. Follow him on twitter or @ChrisDPiazza or Instagram.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new early cretaceous carcharodontosaurian, Siamraptor, was discovered in Thailand
  • Rebecca Jensen shared her database and map of Dinosaur National Monument with us
  • In St. George, Utah, carnivorous dinosaur footprints have been found from roughly 200 million years ago
  • The Las Vegas Natural History Museum announced their paleontology team found 240 million year old vertebrate tracks
  • The Dickinson’s Badlands Dinosaur Museum has a new find, a 77 million year old tyrannosaur
  • New fossils on display, including a juvenile Triceratops, adult Triceratops, and a hadrosaur
  • Maximus, a 70 million year old 3m long dinosaur recently sold for for about $227,000
  • Smithsonian Mag published a list of spots to dig for dinosaur bones
  • In Sacramento, California, a man in a Allosaurus costume stopped by a Sacramento City Hall
  • Supergirl star, Melissa Benoit, shared a photo of herself riding a dinosaur and hugging a T. rex

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 2019-10-16  52m