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episode 236: What the Heck is MUSH?

Episode 236: What the Heck is MUSH?

This week, the Curmudgeon and the Legend hang out with Sarah to do a deep dive into what the heck MUSHing is. Carie, Sarah and Ryan discuss the hobby, how it works and what makes it the same and different from other kinds of roleplaying games!

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  • Adventurers Not Wanted — This is the website/wiki for Carie's MUSH, Adventurer's Not Wanted.
  • Atlantis | Riverdark — Here is where Mac users can find Atlantis, a MUSH client.
  • MUSHclient - a 32-bit MU* client — MUSHclient can be found here, for folks on PCs.
  • The Mud Connector | TMC Mudlist, Muds, Text-Games and Reviews — Mud Connector is a place to find new MUSH, MUD and MUCK games. It's a little confusing, though.
  • AresMUSH - AresMUSH — Ares is one of the software programs used to actually make a MUSH. This site is a good introduction to the nuts and bolts of MUSHing.


 2019-10-17  1h12m