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How To Live An Elite Life By Optimizing Your Health And Mindset – Adam Lamb (Ep. 246)

Adam Lamb, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and founder of New Life Management Group, an innovative group building companies in the hormone optimization, regenerative medicine, and stem cell treatment space, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Adam talks about the health optimization tools he uses to get clients feeling and functioning at their very best, including hormone replacement therapy and stem cells, among other modalities. He also covers the mindset and day-to-day actions he takes to mentally be at his best and to function at a truly elite level. We cover a lot in this episode including vulnerability, discipline, spirituality, gratitude, quitting alcohol, and living a life aligned with your values. If you’re wondering what it takes to live a happy, fulfilling, and elite life, check this episode out now!  

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Adam helps people optimize their health and feel younger and more vibrant than they have in years
  • The key biomarkers that Adam and his team look at with regard to health optimization
  • The role that concussions and TBIs can have in messing up your health and specifically your hormones
  • How to optimize your hormones the right way and minimize the chances of side effects
  • The potential dangers, even when everything is done properly, that can arise from exogenous hormone treatment
  • The type of stem cells that Adam’s team uses and why he prefers using them  
  • The amazing recovery that Adam had with his Achilles’ tendon (30 days later he was running and jumping)
  • Umbilical tissue allografts and how they work to heal the body
  • What the stem cells that Adam uses can help treat and reverse on a day-to-day basis
  • Some of the craziest things Adam has seen the stem cells treat (off-label uses)
  • The importance of being vulnerable for yourself and what this can do for your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Having discipline in your life and how this can completely change the way you live your life and what you get out of life
  • How to identify your weaknesses through vulnerability and build a road away from your weaknesses to create a life that truly fulfills you
  • Adam’s day-to-day routine and why he keeps a core list of things he must get done each morning
  • The importance of spirituality and gratitude in Adam’s life
  • Why men need to add structure into their days and why it’s the biggest key to being a high-performer in life
  • How Adam quit drinking and why he’s completely fine going out in drinking settings and not having a sip of alcohol
  • The secret to being comfortable in situations that normally make most people very uncomfortable

Check out Adam on:

Website:  renewliferx.com

Instagram: instagram.com/adamlamb33


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 2019-10-22  1h8m