Security Weekly News (Video)

The straight up security news in 10 minutes or less! Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian cover the latest breaches, tool released and vulnerabilities.


October 22, 2019 - HNN #238

Samsung Blames Galaxy S10, Note 10 Fingerprint Unlock Bug on Covers, Four-Year-Old Critical Linux Wi-Fi Bug Allows System Compromise, Popular VPN service NordVPN confirms data center breach, Researchers Turn Alexa and Google Home Into Credential Thieves, Microsoft Aims to Block Firmware Attacks with New Secured-Core PCs , US nuclear weapons command finally ditches 8-inch floppies, and much more! Jason Wood gives expert commentary on The Evolution False Flag Operations.

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Show Notes:


 2019-10-22  23m