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episode 595: Western Stars Special ft. Thom Zimny and Bruce Springsteen

2019 has been The Year Of The Boss. Cinematically speaking, at least. Bruce Springsteen may have just turned 70, but he's as creatively restless and dynamic as ever, as evidenced by his new film, Western Stars, which works as both a sublime performance of his new album, and a beautiful, profound insight into its songs and the man who wrote them. The film marks Springsteen's directorial debut, alongside his long-term collaborator, Thom Zimny, and rounds off a year that also boasts the likes of Jim Cummings' Thunder Road and Gurinder Chadha's Blinded By The Light as celebrations of all things Springsteen. And, in this very special edition of the Empire Podcast, Chris Hewitt and Ben Travis sit down with Zimny and Springsteen to talk about the movie, and Springsteen's love of cinema. If you listen to only one podcast in which one of the greatest musicians of all time namedrops Avengers: Endgame and The Godfather in the same sentence, make it this one. Enjoy.


 2019-10-25  1h0m