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episode 21: Autonomous weapons

Frank Sauer on how to regulate autonomous weapon systems

Suppose they gave war and nobody has to come. The idea of autonomous weapons is tempting for some and troubling for most, because it raises many ethical issues. Yet, what exactly do we mean when saying 'autonomous weapon systems' (AWS) – does it mean we're really taking the human out of the loop?

Thomas C. Bächle and Frank Sauer met at HIIG to talk about the question of how to regulate these systems, how China or the UK deal with this, what the future of weapons looks like, what the CCW does and much more.

In this episode:

4:30 Sauer's article on 'killer robots'

5:40 ICRAC

7:00 About the The Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW)

14:08 China's Definition of LAWS

15:05 Also see this article on autonomous weapons by Thomas Bächle and Christoph Ernst

28:30 "Put human dignity first" (Article by Frank Sauer)

40:45 Check out Frank Sauer's podcast: "Sicherheitshalber"


 2019-10-29  41m