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OMRP - Chapter 101 - HalloJewel

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and Candy lovers. Keeping with the timestamp format to explain what's in the podcast and when!  Here is what is in Chapter 101 Hope you enjoy it.

Matinee Moments (1:07):  Zombieland 2, Super Size Me 2, El Camino, Countdown and Midsommar reviews, Terminator Dark Fate and The Irishman previews

Small Screen Sweeps (17:57): The Walking Dead, DC CW Universe, Mr. Robot, Purge, Treadstone, Mayans, AHS, The Deuce Finale & Living With Yourself.

Concert Conchairto (33:43): When is the Steel Panther concert?

Games For Greg (34:10): What game was I supposed to play again?

Sports Splashzone (35:17): NBA gets started, NHL and Bruins rolling along, World Series, NFL season halfway done, who is undefeated and who is unnotdefeated.

Fights For Money (50:16): UFC Fight Night results and UFC 244 and Canelo vs Kovalev predictions.
Turnbuckle Time (101:40): WWE Draft results. AEW and NXT stepping things up, NWA, IMPACT, NJPW and more making moves. WWE Slam Crate and WWE Crown Jewel predictions.

Drew's Diatribe (1:41:08): Drew tells us what he is gonna be for Halloween, his favorite candies and gives his predictions for WWE Crown Jewel.

All this and more, there was a lot to discuss, so sit back, relax and enjoy. Take a listen and don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcast or Stitcher and follow me @razorvader on twitter. Thanks for listening.

OMRP - Chapter 101 - HalloJewel


 2019-10-30  n/a