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episode 74: FINAL edition!! Gits & Drew | England camp exclusive | GF week insight | World Rugby Fight Night | Final's 'Best XV'

Matt Giteau and Drew Mitchell have been there before - preparing for a World Cup Final - so who better to have co-hosting our GF edition?Gits is, in fact, the only player in HISTORY to lose two of them. Ever. And the pair provide priceless insight into prepping for the big dance, plus some of the weird and wonderful ways Giteau's former coach Japanese club rugby coach Eddie Jones is prepping his outfit for the decider (Hint: 'Genki').Plus, of course, your listener questions and a whole lot more.HERE'S THE RUNDOWN:-Matt Giteau's unfortunate slice of history (2:00)-Preparing for a Rugby World Cup final (3:00)-The difference in preparation for the 2007 final vs. 2015 (4:00)-How this final is shaping up (6:00)-Eddy Jones' preparation and where 'Gits' comes in (8:00)-Who's 'Genki'? (9:30)-Reviewing England's win over the All Blacks... and the Haka controversy (14:00)-The 'risk-free' 2nd semi (20:00)-So what's the point of the third-place playoff? (22:00)-The guys' Combined RWC Final XV (24:00)-Listeners' Twitter questions (32:00)-The boys organise a hypothetical World Rugby Fight Night (47:00)-Previewing the big dance - England vs. South Africa (53:30)-Final prediction! (58:00)


 2019-10-30  1h1m