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The Press Play On Tape podcast is presented by Aaron, Tony & JCVD. We're like The A-Team mixed with an MSX, C64 and Commodore Amiga. Your home for vintage computer discussions, interviews, and all things to do with 8-bit & 16-bit systems!


episode 26: Episode 35: A Spectravideo 318 & 328 master class

This episode we're joined by Cameron B as Tony goes back before the MSX to take us on a Spectravideo 318 & 328 master class! In addition we debrief a bit more from PAX Australia, check out what games we've been playing and talk over some news items that caught our eye. All this and more!

This episode's news:

  • Vampire Standalone has been released -¬e=23461
  • PatrikRetroTech Spectravideo 3.5mm audio adapter -
  • Pinball Dreams Amstrad CPC -

Some of the games mentioned:

  • Pyxidis
  • Meteor Swarm
  • Munch Mania
  • Cavern Fighter
  • Sydney Hunter and The Caverns of Death
  • The Outer Worlds (ok, not "retro" but it's still amazing!)
  • The Orange Box (and another not so "retro" title...)

You can say hi to Cameron over on Twitter @octamed

Tony's webpage for his programming & games is, along with his YouTube channel of the same name!


 2019-10-31  1h20m