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episode 257: Regurgitalites, sauropods with beaks, and dinosaur outreach

Dinosaur of the day Kritosaurus, a hadrosaur that was found over 100 years ago in New Mexico.

Interview with Scott Hartman, a paleo artist and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin, Madison for the Department of Integrative Biology. He’s done hundreds of skeletal drawings and his work has been featured in books, museums, and academic publications. Follow him on facebook or twitter @skeletaldrawing or skeletaldrawing.com

In dinosaur news this week:

  • News from poster sessions and 2nd day of talks at the 2019 meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
    • Early Mesozoic herbivores filled in ecological niches that were left because of extinctions
    • Regurgitalites (fossilized vomit) are out there, and they can give just as much information as coprolites (fossilized poop)
    • Chemical testing of bones is looking to be a promising method of finding lost fossil localities
    • Scott Hocknull described three successful case studies of getting the public involved with dinosaur discoveries during construction projects and mining operations
    • Stuart Sumida showed an animation of evolution, using a Dimetrodon and other relatives
    • Ariel Marcy has a new collaborative game about the scientific method, similar to the game Pandemic
    • Taissa Rodrigues taught high schoolers in Brazil about evolution through paleo art
    • Emanuel Tschopp found that sauropods from the Morrison Formation did not overlap as much as previously thought
  • Kayleigh Wiersma showed that some sauropods may have had beaks in addition to their teeth
  • Les Hearn and Amanda Williams published a paper about pain in dinosaurs, and found a lot of dinosaurs survived injuries that would have hurt their mobility and ability to hunt or run away from predators
  • The Field Museum in Chicago has new sensory stations, including one where you can smell Sue the T. rex’s breath
  • There’s a grassroots effort in Westchester New York to protect land with dinosaur tracks and fossils
  • Austin, Texas, as a weird neon green dinosaur, known as Mangiasaurus rex
  • Special Spaces Cleveland and the Jurassic World Live tour worked together to design a dinosaur bedroom for Ezra Boggs, a 6-year-old with cancer
  • Lego has a new 910 piece Dinosaur Fossils set

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 2019-10-31  1h5m