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Happy Halloween, 2019!

Drew and Jackie DeVore talk about talk about their Halloween obsession, and give out a few recommendations for tech-related movies, shows, and podcasts to enjoy.

Special Guest: Jackie DeVore.


  • The Soska Sisters on Twitter
  • Sirens of Scream Episode 68: 31 Days of Horror IV
  • Cube Trailer
  • Pontypool Trailer
  • Ex Machina Trailer
  • The Signal Trailer
  • The Message Podcast
  • The Black Tapes Podcast
  • Upgrade Trailer
  • Black Mirror on Netflix
  • Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer
  • Ghosts in the Burbs Podcast
  • Sirens of Scream
  • Sirens of Scream on Twitter


 2019-10-31  23m