Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

Good One: A Podcast About Jokes is a podcast about - well - jokes, and the people who tell them. Each week, a comedian will play one of their jokes and then break it down with Senior Editor Jesse David Fox.


episode 1: Maria Bamford Wants You to Know How Much Money She Makes (Rerun)

A lot of people tell us we should talk to Maria Bamford, and you know what? They're right. They're so right that we're re-airing the episode she was on two years ago. The interview focuses on the commencement speech she gave at the University of Minnesota—her alma mater—in which she discussed the negotiations that took place to arrive at her fee for said speech, along with a long list of the mistakes she'd made in her life. Maria talks frankly about her financial status, and how to deal with being lowballed. The conversation also touches on Maria's relationship with her audience, the evolution of her specials, and how her struggle with unwanted thoughts affected her comedy. This episode is one of the most detailed looks at the business side of comedy, and is a must listen for anyone who's ever needed to negotiate their monetary worth in any field. Also included: a fart noise. Watch the speech here. Follow Maria on Twitter and Instagram, and check out her live dates on her website. This episode originally aired on October 27th, 2017.

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