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Brunch with Brent: A Chat with Martin Wimpress

Brent sits down with Martin Wimpress, co-founder and project lead for Ubuntu MATE https://ubuntu-mate.org/, Director of Ubuntu Desktop at Canonical, and co-host of Ubuntu Podcast https://ubuntupodcast.org/.

We dive into why innovative, creative people are attracted to open source, his journey through Linux and podcasting, his feelings on his new position in the Desktop Team at Canonical, and much more.

Special Guest: Martin Wimpress.


  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Linux Unplugged
  • Chris Fisher @chrislas on Twitter
  • Alan Pope - @popey on Twitter
  • Ubuntu Podcast
  • Bad Voltage
  • User Error
  • Canonical Has a New Director of Ubuntu Desktop - OMG! Ubuntu!
  • Will Cooke - @8none1 on Twitter
  • Wimpy’s World
  • Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Release Notes
  • EmojiTwo Indicator - Ubuntu MATE GitHub
  • Wimpy’s Telegram Sticker Pack
  • Martin Wimpress - @m_wimpress on Twitter
  • Brent Gervais - @brentgervais on Twitter


 2019-11-04  1h2m