Niel and Robbies Ultra Cycling Podcast

Niel and Robbie are seasoned ultra cycling racers and good friends. In this podcast they bring you there take on the crazy world of self-supported ultra racing. Each show will look at the latest news from around the world, stories from their own race experiences, guidance on equipment and training, interviews with some of the worlds best racers and much more.


Stage 8 – Guess Who’s Back?

We are back!

In this episode we talk about all kinds of things as we haven’t really spoken in ages. Robbie’s been tied up with girls and dogs, Niel’s been racing in Portugal. Robbie got dirty in Germany and we talk about our plans for next year.

Fairlight Secan

Turn Cycling You Tube Channel

Zipp Handlebars Review

The Brickyard Camp Site, Norfolk


Bikingman Portugal

Race Around Rwanda


 2019-11-04  1h40m