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How To Bounce Back From Losing Over 100 Million And Getting Fired From One Of The Biggest And Most Popular Companies In History – Noah Kagan (Ep. 248)

Noah Kagan, founder of AppSumo, SumoMe, and OkDork, and the former number 30 employee at Facebook, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Noah talks about what it was like working alongside Mark Zuckerberg and being one of the first employees at Facebook when it was just starting to get big. He also talks about getting fired from Facebook, why it happened, what he wishes he did differently, and what he learned from this experience. Noah also covers the motivation he got from this experience, the many business successes he had afterwards, how he manages to stay so productive and focused, and what he ultimately wants to do in his both professionally and personally in the next few years. We cover so much in this fascinating and entertaining chat! If you’re wondering how to get yourself back on your feet after a major blow in life and turn things around like never before, check this episode out now!  

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In our episode we go over:

  • What it was like working alongside Mark Zuckerberg
  • Why Noah got fired from Facebook and what he wishes he did differently
  • Whether or not Zuck is really as weird as he seems and how he thinks so differently than most of us mere mortals
  • Why Noah believes that everyone should get fired at some point in their lives
  • The keys to the longevity of longtime successful companies
  • Hedging your bets in business and diversifying your income streams whenever possible
  • The fact that so many businesses don’t last more than a couple decades
  • Noah’s predictions for Facebook and whether or not he thinks they will survive in the next decade
  • How Noah picked himself back up after being fired
  • How long it took him to get over the firing and why he likened it to being dumped by the sexiest woman on the planet
  • Whether or not he has any lingering regrets about his tenure there
  • The fuel and drive he had after being let go and how he cultivated this for his other ventures
  • The single biggest takeaway he got from his time working at Facebook
  • The importance of developing a team and why Zuck was years ahead of the curve when it came to innovation
  • Having systems and processes in place and considering even the finest details if you really want to stand out in business
  • Planning ahead and thinking about how things are going to go months and even years down the road as opposed to making quick money now
  • How Noah structures his goals and why he has so many professional and personal goals
  • How to stay focused and not lose track of what he really wants to do
  • When to ditch a goal and when to add on a new one
  • Why Noah always does the things that make him happy as opposed to always focusing on work and always grinding
  • Whether or not Noah plans on taking over Facebook one day and having a Steve-Jobs-like return

Check out Noah on:
Website:  okdork.com
Podcast: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/noah-kagan-presents Facebook: facebook.com/OkDork
Instagram: instagram.com/noahkagan


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 2019-11-05  46m