Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan and Ned Sedgwick are here to guide you through the bewildering pursuit of adulthood.


59. Anxiety

'Don't worry be happy'? It's really not as easy as that. Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan and Ned Sedgwick are joined by actress, writer and ukulele whizz Amy Booth-Steel to talk about how feelings of anxiety can be understood and overcome. Sophie investigates imposter syndrome, Heidi looks at how we can deal with the day-to-day worries that hold us back, Ned faces his anxieties in the swimming pool and Steve Ali swings by to put everything into perspective. Co-created by Deborah Frances-White for The Spontaneity Shop and BBC Radio 4. Produced by Al Riddell. Music by Mark Hodge and Omahrose, produced by Nick Sheldon. Clips: Insecure Overachievers (26/09/2018) All in the Mind (22/04/2016) Bringing Up Britain (11/07/2019) Front Row (05/07/2018)


 2019-11-07  47m