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S12E31 – Ikari Warriors

This week we’ve been moonlighting on all the podcasts and live streaming to share Ubuntu bug reporting skills. We discuss Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi 4, Debian’s new homepage, elementary updates and Fedora 31. We also round up some events and our picks from the tech news.
It’s Season 12 Episode 31 of the Ubuntu Podcast! Alan Pope, Mark Johnson and Martin Wimpress are connected and speaking to your brain.
In this week’s show:

* We discuss what we’ve been up to recently:

* Martin has been moon lighting on Linux Lads, Infinitely Galactic not just once, but twice and had Brunch with Brent on Jupiter EXTRAS.
* Alan has been on stay-cation and did a Better Bug Battling in Ubuntu 19.10 live stream, then made a short Reporting bugs in Ubuntu video.

* We discuss the community news:

* Roadmap for Ubuntu official support for the Raspberry Pi 4
* Debian project has a new home page proposal
* elementary updates for October
* 19.10 Rygel bug
* Fedora 31 is released

* We mention some events:

* GUADEC 2020 and 2021 announced

* We discuss the news:

* It’s Official: Microsoft Edge is Coming to Linux
* Deezer announce Spleeter
* GitLab considering banning support staff from some regions

* Image taken from Ikari Warriors published in 1986 for the Amstrad CPC by Elite.

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 2019-11-07  38m