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243 : Screamin’ Hellraiser with Jeff Brower

Thanks for listening and subscribing to episode number 243 of the Clive Barker Podcast: Screamin’ Hellraiser with Jef Brower – In this episode Ryan and Jose – that’s me – take a break from our hiatus where we’re finishing our interview book project to interview artist Jeff Brower, who sculpted a few Hellraiser models for Screamin’ Products in Albany NY. He worked on at least a couple of Pinhead vinyl kits, the Female cenobite, Butterball and the amazing Channard cenobite from the late 80s to mid 90s. He did a lot of interesting work throughout his career, from sculpting to designing, to writing a script and an upcoming novel, and we cover it quite a bit and just have a great time on a Saturday morning over skype. Ed Martinez from Coenobium suggested this episode for a a Halloween special and got us in touch with Jeff, and as you’ll see we had a great time chatting. But first we go through some recent news about The Books of Blood, and share our thoughts. The interview starts a little over the 30 minute mark. 

Show Notes

From The Reef

  • Books of Blood Shooting and News 
  • Spyglass Hellraiser Reboot still in the works
  • Shockfilm Film Fest announces Clive Barker festival: 

Hellraiser and Halloween Chat with Jeff Brower, Ed Martinez and Nina Arlene

  • Jeff Brower’s website:
  • Ed Martinez/ Jeff Brower interview for Gremlins in the Garage:
    Part 1 | Part 2 
  • Work done by Jeff Brower under ‘Mystic Visions’
  • Discussion Screamin’ Products Catalogs 1991-93: (In CBR format) 1991 | 1992 | 1993
  • Episode 191 With Ed and Nina
  • Episode 201 With Ed and Nina

Coming Next 

  • More Work on the Book (Update)
  • More A-Z Commentaries
  • Abarat III
  • Kickstarter

And this podcast, having no beginning will have no end. 

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