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Listen in each week as Michael Carbone and "The Biggest Tiger" are joined by guests from international rugby league and developing nations. This is your place for the latest news and results from the nations you did not even know played the greatest game of all.


episode 5: IntRL Podcast #005’s Brad Walter joins Michael to discuss their roles as part of the Golden Boot judging panel. They preview and review the final two weeks of the international rugby league season, and discuss the big issues like Sonny Bill Williams and the GB Lions brand. 

CORRECTION: Greece defeated Serbia 82 - 6 in World Cup qualification (not 82-16 as accidentally suggested). 

This podcast is produced as a collaboration between International Rugby League - formerly the RLIF (Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and the Chasing Kangaroos Podcast (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). This episode is mixed and recorded by Paul Murchison. Your feedback is welcome. Enjoy the show!

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 2019-11-12  49m