Sword and Scale

The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the dark side of humanity and human nature. Our stories delve into the worst of the worst and include murder, rape, dismemberment and cannibalism. No crime is too brutal and no victim is too pure. The worst monsters are real.



Sword and Scale Daily - Nov 14, 2019

In Ohio, a mother of five has been arrested and charged with a 2012 murder. Erika Stephanko is accused of helping her ex-husband murder his former girlfriend.

A Philadelphia woman is charged with abusing and murdering a four-year-old girl in her custody, after claiming the child was hurt in a fall.

Finally, in Newark, New Jersey, an alleged serial killer is on trial for the murder of three women and the attempted murder of a fourth. The crimes all took place in the fall of 2016, and the alleged killer was caught after the family and friends of his final victim set a trap for him on social media.


 2019-11-15  12m