Tabletop Genesis

Welcome to Tabletop Genesis, where you will know what it means to be a lamb lying down beyond the silver rainbow while Duke dances on a volcano. Actually it's just a few friends sitting around a table talking about their favorite band Genesis, but it promises to be as equally silly and surreal. Join your hosts Simon Godfrey, Stacy Godfrey, Mike Lord, Eli Noetinger, and Tom Roche as they wax poetic on everything Genesis - from the songs to the tours to the evolution of Mike Rutherford's facial hair.


Tabletop Genesis Episode 33 –“The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Part 1”

The Tabletop descends upon Manhattan as they follow Rael on his epic journey as told in the 1974 concept album, “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.” This episode covers sides one and two of the Genesis masterpiece, which would prove to be Peter Gabriel’s last with the band.


 2019-11-18  2h1m