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14 Mysterious Deaths & The Russian Assassination Program

BuzzFeed News Editor Heidi Blake and her team uncovered evidence connecting Russian hitmen to 14 deaths on British soil — killings that attracted little interest from British authorities anxious to maintain ties with the Russian government. "In one case, an individual directly in the crosshairs of the Kremlin ... had apparently stabbed himself to death repeatedly with two knives. And there had been no investigation. It had immediately been treated as a suicide." Knowing that journalists in Russia have been murdered, Blake and her reporting team had to watch their backs. "This was a dicey ride, investigating this story, and we had a number of fairly disturbing incidences along the way." Her new book is 'From Russia with Blood.'

Also, Kevin Whitehead reviews some reissues of music performed by the late jazz pianist Erroll Garner.


 2019-11-19  48m