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Listen to two guys ramble on about the crazy world of ultra cycling


Stage 9 – 2020 Plans

In this show….

Robbie finally gets with the programme, and gets a turbo trainer. The final races of the season finish with incredible racing in both Taiwan and Italy. Niel announces his involvement as ambassador for Race Around Rwanda whilst discussing world peace. Both of them talk about their race plans for the current season where Niel is trying to convince Mrs C to do the Japanese Odyssey. Finally they cover off bits of kit that delight them.

Rode VC1 Shielded audio cable –
Robbies Turbo Trainer –
Coaching with Copeland –
BikingMan Portugal results –
2Volcanos results –
Race Around Rwanda –
The Global Peacefulness Index –
Race Around The Netherlands –
All Points North –
Transcontinental No. 8 –
Trans Atlantic Way –
Japanese Odyssey –
Part One of Niel’s work with Chris at Emirates Sports Med Clinic –


 2019-11-20  1h25m