Outrage and Optimism

Face the climate crisis head on, but understand that we have the power to solve this. From former UN Chief Christiana Figueres and the team who brought you the Paris Agreement, this podcast about issues and politics will inform you, inspire you and help you realize that this is the most exciting time in history to be alive.



episode 31: How to Face The Mess We're in Without Going Crazy with Joanna Macy

As the US approaches Thanksgiving week, we quiet ourselves for an intimate interview with environmental activist, Buddhist scholar, and deep ecologist, Joanna Macy. She shares why we should suffer with the world as we experience the climate crisis, and why that's a tall order for our current political economy. But before that, Paul almost curses about how frustrating Bjorn Lomborg is, and Tom and Christiana share exciting details about their new book, "The Future We Choose"

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 2019-11-22  45m