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episode 597: The Scary Clippers, Cheating Astros, Best NFL Picks, and The Morning Show WTF Half-Season Recap With Mallory Rubin and Amanda Dobbins | The Bill Simmons Podcast

HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons talks about Celtics-Clippers (2:27) before sitting down with Mallory Rubin to talk NFL QBs, including Philip Rivers, Mitchell Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, and Tom Brady (20:42), before Mallory’s Most Intriguing, in which she shares her top five story lines of the week, including this weekend’s NFC playoff implications, Chase Young’s return to Ohio State football, Astros SpyGate, and more (34:45). Then Bill and Mallory run through some Million Dollar Picks (1:02:35). Finally, Bill is joined by Amanda Dobbins to discuss the Apple+ flagship show, ‘The Morning Show’ (1:18:52).


 2019-11-22  1h50m